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Nxt drill photo printer

Drill photo using Android and leJOS This project consists of two parts. First is an android application which communicates via bluetooth with the Lego NXT cube v1.0. I update a NXT cube with leJOS firmware so I can write code in Java. Android Android application contains more than a drilling a picture. First it was a controller for all the small programs like follow line, use accelerometer to move with robot, etc. You can also set the type of the robot with according programs. After pairing via bluetooth with NXT cube you can play with it. On pictures below you can see the screen shots of the application. I also try to control the movement of Tribot with colors glued to my hand. I used a phone's back camera to recognize colors with the phone placed on a tripod. I had a playable demo but it wasn't as awesome as I imagined before. Anyway, my first idea was for the robot to recognize hand gestures, but it wasn't giving good results because of the transfer speed (I ne