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Skate tricks recognition using gyroscope

In this article we're going to describe how to recognize a skateboard trick using a gyroscope. This sensor is already present in most of the smartphones but in case you are not familiar with it, here is a description . Before we begin, small disclaimer. This project was originally as a part of hackathon that was used with Slido and the purpose was to confirm that it's possible to recognize a trick using a gyroscope. For the sake of simplicity of this project we're not considering skater's stance on a board and we're only trying to recognize 2 simple tricks. So, let's begin by splitting the problem into several smaller ones. We need to record the trick, store it, describe it, understand it, and then of course recognize it. Recording the trick Let's start with the trick recording. To have a precise data we need to have a device with a gyroscope that is attached directly to a skateboard. We need to place it on the bottom of the board, otherwise it might interfe