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Thermal printer perl library

Adafruit thermal printer perl library What Last month I've created a web GUI for my raspberry Pi thermal printer. After spending some time with testing, I was still unable to do several basic operations like print text with diacritics or create my own characters etc. So I decided to create my own library. I found out that there are plenty of them in python or C, but only few in Perl (with missing methods that I expected). What I did I've created a Perl library for Adafruit thermal printer . I read the original printer documentation and wrote a method for almost every command mentioned. The library consist of all default methods for altering font, barcode and image methods. I also did a few more custom methods: printing images with gradient effect aligning image (if image is more narrower than printing paper) registering custom font from bitmap image Notes During the testing I gathered some facts that might be interesting: The printer buffer is limited (exact