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Counting dice and train wagons using computer vision

Computer vision exercises with preprocessing Before the next project I decided to do some computer vision exercises. Each example is based on a simple logic image preprocessing. No data structure or learning is required. Dice I got this idea while browsing the net. I was curious about how hard can it be to write such a script. I'll describe the algorithm in steps. movement detection : Comparing few frames with thresholds gives us the information, whether something is moving in the frame. Adding some small time frame after the movement stops gives us more precise information. remove background : Thresholding gray frame removes the background and gives us binary image with objects cropping the objects : Using contours to detect object and then separate them by cropping. detecting dots : Inverting the image we get objects that can be again simply detected using contours. filtering dots : If dice is visible also from the side therefore dots from that side can be recogn