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YI Dash Car Camera API

Why A friend asked me if I could create an android app using his new  Yi Dash Car Camera . Camera's parameters look very good and the price was quite low. He showed me a native Android app that was already on Google Play. He needed to download a list of video files and search them by specific time. About camera Camera has its own wifi. So If you want to do something, you need to be connected to its wifi.  Camera automatically starts to record a video (each about 3 min long) when it's turned on. During download or changing settings recording is stopped. In the official app, there is also an option to take a picture (this is done via screenshot from the stream). What I did First, I've tried some SDK from the camera's company, but it was not supporting this one. After quick mail to support, I got confirmed that this camera does not have any official SDK. My next move was to download their app and look at the source code. I've used online decompile