Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sms grocery list

Widget with grocery list created by your received messages


Many times I faced the problem when someone has sent me a message with a list, what to buy on a way back home. My first thought was to create an invisible app that reads incoming messages and puts their content into Google Keep messages and also shows it in a widget. After some googling I found out that Google Keep doesn't support API for the 3rd parties. So I decided to create an app with this feature.

What did I do?

Application contains a receiver that allows to read all new messages. After the message is received it searches for a key words in the message. You can set up a multiple keywords to look for in a message. Another option is to set up a reminder. Reminder shows notification at the specific time in a day where at least one message was received. You can find this under the settings in a side menu of the application.

Second part of the application is a widget. Widget shows you the list of all the received messages ordered by date and separated by subtitles like: today, this week, this month.

Can I try it?

I've put it on Google play. There is no internet connectivity so users don't have to be afraid if the permission for reading messages is required. I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Android app on Google Play



Monday, September 7, 2015

Sony Smart Watch development

Creating app for Sony Smart Watches


In the next few lines we will talk about Sony Smart Watches first model. Currently, there is the third edition of Sony Smart Watches out. Recently I had an opportunity to try some development for this Smart Watches. I bought 2 Smart Watches at a local flea market (for 3 EUR each:). They were without an adapter and a wrist strap. Because Sony only created a proprietary cable I had to make one by myself. I used some old USB cables and follow this link. If you will ever face the same problem, don't bother to create a cable with all 4 pins. You only need two pins for charging (the first is VCC, and the last is ground - from left to right).


AFAIK there is no common android SDK for watches. Each company has its own SDK package. To run some official apps, you need to install "Smart Connect" in the first place that allows you to pair watches with your device. Now you can install apps from Google Play Store. Note that none of the apps doesn't appear in an app list. This is because any of the apps contains runnable Activity. You can setup these apps through "Smart Center". These apps are then automatically push to watches.

Development environment

Here's a few useful links to setup a Sony SDK and environment for developing:

Differences from android basic development

Application is installed to watches automatically if watches are paired with the device.
For testing you can use app instead of IDE emulator. This app ("Accessory Emulator") emulates its run.
Application does not contain any Activity, instead of that, it has something similar called ControlExtension
Only a few of examples are compatible with first version of watches (BackwardCompatible*, HelloSensorPreferenceActivity)

My contribution

If you remember the game I made earlier (Quick Circle Rocket) I've created a watch version of of it. Enjoy :)
You can download this game form Google Play Store

Android app on Google Play