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Touchboard scrolling

Using proximity sensor for scrolling documents What For Christmas I bought myself a touchboard from bareconductive . It's a board with Atmel microprocessor ATMega32U4, 12 Analog inputs, 20 digital pins etc. It's from arduino family so you can use arduino IDE for your projects. This board comes with special conductive paint called "bare-paint". In combination with 12 analog inputs you can create touch or proximity sensors. First touch When I first tried the proximity sensor as a volume setting, it was like some kind of a magic, haha. I was positively surprised about the proximity precision. There SDK comes up with about 10 examples. The libraries are quite good and simple. You can do anything with a few lines of code. If you want to use the board for sound effects there are two options - mp3 or midi. MP3 files can be replaced on miroSD card and for midi, there are more than 100 musical instruments. To toggle between midi and mp3 version you have to join two c