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Robotic arm with computer vision

Robotic arm with computer vision - picking up the object Idea The main idea was to build an environment with a robotic arm that can execute various commands based on an image analysis of a scene. In this article I'm going to describe all parts of the idea. For the first task I've chosen detection and moving one object. Environment The whole environment consists of few parts mounted together. For the base I've chosen an old table and repainted it with a white color to get better contrast with objects. Onto the middle of longer side I mounted robotic arm that I got from e-bay. The arm has 6 servo motors, with rotation base and claws on the other size. Parts are made of aluminium and are quite solid. Then I got some perforated metal ledges, short them, and mounted them to the corners of the table. Screw it all together. Then I put RGB Led strip to the bottom side of top part of construction. In the end i placed USB camera at the top of construction so it ca