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LG G3 quick circle case app

Using LG G3 circle case SDK to create a demo application What is the circle case? LG provides a special case for it's G3 model. This case allows users to use the NFC technology, wireless charging with Qi standard (only for European market) and also has a circle hole on it's upper case side. This hole allows users to control about 1/3 of their display with a customized GUI app. LG G3 SDK LG released a small SDK for developers to access the functions of their circle case. To sum it up, there is a hidden magnet inside the case and a small sensor behind the screen part. So the SDK just provides a receiver for detecting opening/closing of the case. public class QCircleActivity extends Activity { // [START]declared in of LG Framework public static final int EXTRA_ACCESSORY_COVER_OPENED = 0; public static final int EXTRA_ACCESSORY_COVER_CLOSED = 1; public static final String EXTRA_ACCESSORY_COVER_STATE = "com.lge.intent.extra.ACCESSORY_COVER_