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Owi robotic arm with RPi

Owi robotic with RPi controlled by keyboard, websockets, openCV How did it start Recently I get a Raspberry Pi (Model B+) as a present for my 27th birthday. First thing I did was that I played with the GPIOs (general purpose input/output) pins that can be programmable. The first language I found that supports GPIOs, was python library RPI.GPIO. So I tried a few basic circuits. Toggled some leds, RGB-led, speaker beeps and so on. Few months earlier a colleague at work showed me a web page with some robotic arms that were looking catchy. The closest shop that sales any robot arms, was in Czech Republic with only one model - Owi. So I decides to get it. Connecting to RPi The first task was to connect the Owi-arm to the Raspberry Pi. You can find the Owi robotic arm with a USB or a joystick. Mine's get a joystick controller as an output, so I had to find how to connect it with RPi. After few hours of googling I found a video that showed RPi how to toggle relays with RPi. So I